Les Vendanges du Coeur

Every year since 2013, we have the immense pleasure of inviting you to the Vendanges du Coeur. Follow us in this beautiful human adventure that keeps us so “in heart”!

The Harvest of the Heart was born out of a wonderful meeting with the association Indo’Child that we support. Created in 2004 by three friends in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Indo’Child has a mission: to create a school and teach children of the village.

In the program :
– A morning of manual harvest
– The picker’s country meal
– The induction of notable personalities by the Connétablie des Vins de Blaye
Wine workshops
– Every year, new events and surprises

All in a warm and festive atmosphere!

You understand, even the rain would not ruin this day! Following the event, we donate all benefits to the Indo’Child association.

This donation helps to support the management costs of the school (teacher’s salary, electricity, etc. …) but also to contribute to the renovation of the school. Every year we follow the evolution of the school / association. We place this beautiful day under the sign of solidarity and friendliness.

2018 news : the 6th edition and its novelties

This year again we are reserving some great news!

After the manual harvest, you will once again have the pleasure of being accompanied by the Bandas Txaranga Los Aliadossurfor your return to the property to crush the grapes yourself!

We then offer you a “toast of friendship” drink before eating a meal created of 100% specialties from the Vendée region of France! This culinary discovery promises to be the first surprise of the day. So just like the previous editions, we invite you to discover a little more of Cambodia. We cannot reveal everything, we must keep the mystery for now, but we can guarantee you will love the sound of Cambodian music!

We will also have the honor of receiving the Connétablie des Vins de Blaye for the induction of new personalities as ambassadors of our wines and traditions. A solemn moment that we are proud to be able to propose!

Finally, a new oenological workshop will be slipped into the afternoon program!

The Harvest of the Heart is a rich and precious moment for Raguenot Vineyards!
The preparations are launched, we are in a hurry to see you on September 29, 2018!