Our eco-responsible approach

What is HEV?

The key feature of High Environmental Value (HEV) certification - which was created in 2012 - is that it recognizes a global approach. It is the entire winery that is certified, not the products. A winery that preserves and makes use of the natural areas present in and around its plots.

HEV certification brings coherence between consumer expectations, winery practices and a preserved environment to which we give "value". It is a voluntary approach, accessible to all sectors, built around four themes:

1. biodiversity

2. phytosanitary strategy

3. fertilization management

4. water resource management

We are certified HVE level 3, which corresponds to the highest level.

Biodiversity protection

Over the last 50 years, agriculture has seriously undermined the ecological balance, and is now suffering the consequences. Preserving biodiversity has thus become a major concern. Like all agricultural activities, viticulture has an impact on landscapes, the quality of watercourses and the environment in general. In many ways, viticulture can contribute to restoring these balances, and in particular to preserving species.

A particularly topical issue is the protection of bees. Bees are important players in biodiversity! Their presence is not only essential to the national production of honey and other beekeeping products, but also to pollination, and thus to agriculture. That's why, at Vignobles Raguenot, we've set up beehives around the property. We collect a symbolic quantity of the honey they produce, but above all we are fighting against their disappearance.

Our cuvée without added-sulfur: Vin’Ature!

Pronounced "vie nature", our new cuvée has no added sulfur. The nose is full of fresh red fruit. Surprising in its purity and aromatic generosity, it confirms your ecstasy with a smooth, full mouthfeel.

Made in stainless steel vats, Vin'ature can be enjoyed in its youth, preserving its aromatic freshness and roundness.

Careful packaging, entirely dedicated to this cuvée, gives this bottle a singularity you'll be delighted to offer on your table with friends or family.

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