L’oeil des Vignobles Raguenot

  • Exceptionnal News

    Exceptionnal News

    We're delighted to announce a resounding success for Vignobles Raguenot: our alcohol-free red wine TIP TOP has just added another feather to its cap by winning the Gold Medal at the prestigious Global Low & No Alcohol Wine Master 2023.

    This distinction is much more than recognition, it is the result of our joint commitment to offering innovative products of exceptional quality. We are delighted to share this victory with you, our partners, customers and friends, who have helped forge our success.

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  • The profession of winemaker : an art of living or a life dedicated to its art.

    The profession of winemaker : an art of living or a life dedicated to its art.

    September 28, 2018, 8:30 a.m., the temperature is cool but the day is forecast to be beautiful. All the harvesters are there to declare the Merlot harvest open at Château des Tourtes.

    It’s a new vintage, a new adventure that begins today. The Vignobles Raguenot team is ready and above all happy to reap the fruits of a year, punctuated by rigorous work and various apprehensions. Indeed, the weather can be an ally in our best moments like a bad spell in the most difficult times.

    by Vignobles Raguenot on oct. 29, 2019

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  •  Bordeaux wine VS COVID

    Bordeaux wine VS COVID

    Make no mistake, Bordeaux wines do not cure COVID. However, it would be the miracle solution to all problems for everyone... No, let's stay serious for a moment... It's not easy to talk about our wines these days.

    by Vignobles Raguenot on oct. 20, 2020

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