Exceptionnal News

Exceptionnal News


 We're delighted to announce a resounding success for Vignobles Raguenot: our alcohol-free red wine TIP TOP has just added another feather to its cap by winning the Gold Medal at the prestigious Global Low & No Alcohol Wine Master 2023.

This distinction is much more than recognition, it is the result of our joint commitment to offering innovative products of exceptional quality. We are delighted to share this victory with you, our partners, customers and friends, who have helped forge our success.

This gold medal confirms what we already knew: TIP TOP is much more than just an alcohol-free wine, it's a sensory experience, a statement of refinement, and above all, a brilliant response to changing consumer expectations. We invite you to join us in this celebration of victory, and to play an active part in promoting TIP TOP in your distribution channels. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your indescribable support. Together, let's continue to write this beautiful adventure and raise TIP TOP to new heights. In February, TIP TOP will be available in white and rosé. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Maintaining wine prices, Vignobles Raguenot's commitment


Vignobles Raguenot has decided to maintain its wine prices despite the current economic challenges.

This decision was taken after careful evaluation of several invoices for price stability.

1. Commitment to our customers : our priority is to maintain a strong, lasting relationship with our customers. By maintaining our rates, we aim to contribute to the stability of your budget planning and the preservation of our long-term partnership.


2. Optimizing operations : Vignobles Raguenot has invested in initiatives to optimize our production and distribution processes. These improvements enable us to keep costs down and guarantee the consistent quality of our premium wines.


3. Economic solidarity : we recognize the economic challenges facing many companies. By maintaining our tariffs, we hope to make our contribution to economic solidarity and promote fair trade relations.


We are aware that our success depends on the trust and satisfaction of our customers, and it is with this in mind that we are taking this decision.


We look forward to hearing from partners who are already part of our circle, and from those who are new to our circle.



 While 2023 is on stage, 2024 is being prepared behind the scenes. She knows that expectations are high and that she'll need to be serene to fulfill everyone's wishes.

Wishes from previous years that are still waiting to be fulfilled, wishes for the coming year filled with hope.

We know that it's together that we'll move towards moments of joy and peace.

Over a glass of wine, alone or with others, let's welcome this year with courage and hope, and give it the chance to become a great year.



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