Bordeaux wine VS COVID

 Bordeaux wine VS COVID

Make no mistake, Bordeaux wines do not cure COVID. However, it would be the miracle solution to all problems for everyone... No, let's stay serious for a moment...

It's not easy to talk about our wines these days. People are focused on many other, more serious issues. And yet, wine is an outlet for much suffering. Literature is full of examples of the virtues of wine. Medicine favors certain components of wine to fight against certain pathologies. And yet, wine and its winemaker have never been so mistreated.

Strange life... But, imagine for a moment a meeting with a winegrower who has his vines, his wine, locked to his body and especially his heart. By listening to him, we quickly understand that his wine, his vines, his land, it is his life and that of his ancestors. How can we imagine that the very person who cries in front of his vineyard devastated by disease or hail is capable of poisoning?

Because this is the feeling we now have when we are winegrowers. Yes, we take care of our vineyard when it is sick… like any parent dealing with their aching children. Yes, we want our vines to produce good grapes, but like any parent who wants the best for their children... Don't we say "raise" our wines? Understand that our wines are like our children and that we look after them with the same energy as any parent does for their children.

But no, there are no perfect parents, there are only parents who give the best of themselves just like the winegrower. The profession of winegrower is one of the most beautiful professions in the world and let us all be proud to fly the colors of independent French viticulture.

We need to reconnect. Wishing you good times of conviviality accompanied by wines… from… Bordeaux… from Vignobles Raguenot!

 Bordeaux wine VS COVID

Vignobles Raguenot

on oct. 20, 2020

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